Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Saddleback Steamroller WoodBlock Party" 2nd Post

Just after the steamroller made it's pass, I pulled my first print.

The middle image shows a picture of the unprinted finished block a couple of days prior to the event. It was 24"x42". 42" was the width of the print paper.

At the bottom is my print hanging to dry.

I'll reload the video as soon as I resolve link problems.

(Disregard dates shown.)


Barbara said...

First of all, your print is beautiful. And a steamroller! What a kick. It must be a little frightening to see it roll over something you've worked on for hours and hours.

Moon said...

Wow! Now that looks fun. Great finished print. Can you still use your block or does the steamroller damage it? Interesting to see the difference between the two if you could make another print.

Dabblerteer said...

Thanks Barbara,

It was a big unknown as to how the print would come out.

Much to my surprise, I received a loud round of applause from my classmates when I pulled and lifted the print.


Dabblerteer said...

Hey Deb,

I did make a second print later that day. It was a hot day and the ink dried so fast that the print was not very good. I'm still going to try to salvage it as a mixed media piece.

I understand I can use the plate again. It needs to be cleaned with turpentine. There was a lot of interest in the image, so I hope to make additional copies.

I'm hoping to post some of the incredibly skilled and beautiful prints of my classmates.