Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ink and Watercolor

Still Lifes with Vase,
Pomegranate and Pear
For a very, very long time I wanted to combine drawing in ink with watercolor painting. That was a very readily achievable goal, but I put that off while I focused on other art-related endeavors (that's just another way of saying I procrastinated for a very, very long time).

In attending an energetic reception at one of our favorites, Schroeder Studio Gallery, a lonely clipboard, sitting off to the side, teased my curiosity. As I sauntered up to it, I spotted a sheet clipped to the board headlined “Ink & Watercolor Workshop Signup”. I decided not to argue with Fate. I gave Judy Schroeder my deposit.

I ended up spending a completely enjoyable Saturday and Sunday with a small, enthusiastic group of first-time-ever and intermediate level painters. At the very comfortable studio storefront, Judy Schroeder provided the instruction, guidance and creative spark. During those two days, Judy made sure that everyone of us got every penny’s worth of our workshop fee. She paced us through a series of assignments from testing permanent and water soluble ink pens and pen brushes by themselves, then in a variety of combinations with watercolors, and onto a final painting incorporating our favorite techniques.

Water and Pens Test Sheet

Judy’s studio contained all the source material, vases and plastic produce for still lifes and reference photos for scenic themes. Everyone us chose and arranged our objects and proceeded to respond to Judy’s challenges. I had no expectation of producing frameable work, I just wanted to learn and experiment. I left Judy’s studio Sunday afternoon feeling fully satisfied at having accomplished a goal, long ago imagined.

I’m finally posting some of my efforts from that weekend. Judy will be conducting another “Ink & Watercolor” workshop in June of this year, 2012.


Jane said...

Looks like you were having a lot of fun! Love the vase with the two fruits in all the different versions!

Dabblerteer said...

Thank you. It was fun!