"The Sorceress on Crow's Nest Street"
Alice Thompson has posted a Halloween challenge on her Calypso Moon Artist Movement blog. I'll be submitting a painting for this challenge. But, for now, I've submitted a count of candy skulls under "Comments;" you'll need to see her blog for clarification. I wrapped a poem around the number. The poem is based on nautical-themed and self-portrait postings on her Swan Calypso Moon Art Studio blogI hope you enjoy it. (EDIT: Alice's blog is no longer available. Inspiration was derived from this painting by Alice.)

Beware the dark mansion on Crow's Nest Street
Tarry not long to Trick or Treat
For a pink spider climbs the wall
And a calico bunny hops down the hall
Fish of gold swim through thin air
Whilst a Sorceress sits with dark, long hair.

In her hand she wields wands of magic
Tipped with fur of critters tragic
By her be cauldrons three
Filled with colored glue
The hues of which will frighten thee
Gurgling blood red, bubbling toad yellow, frothing newt blue.

Around her jar of shrunken heads
Curls a cat all spooky and black
Ignoring the dancing of viridian mice
Taunting 131 skulls to be precise.

Take care fair lass, brave laddie, as down you venture Crow's Nest Street
Lest to that jar you wish to contribute anatomy parts you prefer to keep
Beware the dark mansion on Crow's Nest Street
Tarry not long to Trick or Treat.
"Counting on Treats"
Alice Thompson of Calypso Moon Artist Movement left this very nice "Spooktacular" comment for "Fright Light."
    " Bernard,
     I loved your poem and painting.
     The coffeehouse for sketching sounds so artsy. You put a good deal of effort into your idea and it shows.
     Don't forget you get to get guess twice because you painted something for the challenge ^..^ "

Well, her reminder stirred me to include and submit my second guess within, yet, another verse (for just a small Halloween smile).

"Counting on Treats"
   The painting I did was duly submitted,
Another skull count Alice quickly suggested.
   So, I multiplied the jar's thickness by the coefficient of glass,
For the jar's lid, I subtracted its mass.
   For each noggin visible, I calculated the volume,
And divided the ether with digits gone quantum.
   For my second result, I crunched numbers galore,
The quantity derived was 124.