Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chine-collé and a Goose

Chine-collé Linocut Print, Ink on Paper
9-1/2"x9-1/2" (approx.)
© 2012 Bernard Echanow

While I resolve video problems with my "Saddleback Steamroller Woodblock Party" post, I thought I'd post another printmaking project.

As a beginner, this semester's required projects listed in my printmaking class syllabus included two linoleum linocuts and prints, one chine-collé print, one blend(ed) roll print and one zinc plate intaglio print.

The 3-colored blended roll of my first linocut "Callas of Descanso" (not shown) and the black ink on paper of the "Goose" linocut (not shown) are currently on display at Saddleback College. I learned a tremendous amount on how to use the linocut tools between carving the linoleum for "Callas of Descanso" to carving the linoleum for "Goose".

Above is the linocut for "Goose". It is cut in reverse. One has to carefully consider what is desired in the final print - what areas are to be inked and what areas are to have the uninked paper color show through. It's a bit of a brain twister.

I derived the image from a photo I took in 2006 at Lago Santa Margarita. I've been wanting to use the image artistically for the past 6 years. The orignal photo can be seen below.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Saddleback Steamroller WoodBlock Party" 2nd Post

Just after the steamroller made it's pass, I pulled my first print.

The middle image shows a picture of the unprinted finished block a couple of days prior to the event. It was 24"x42". 42" was the width of the print paper.

At the bottom is my print hanging to dry.

I'll reload the video as soon as I resolve link problems.

(Disregard dates shown.)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Saddleback Steamroller WoodBlock Party"

I'm attending a printmaking class at Saddleback College taught by Vinita Voogd. I think it's fair to say Vinita is an internationally recognized printmaker. One of the projects was to create a woodblock to be printed by a steamroller. That activity is scheduled for this coming Friday, April 20, 2012.

I finished the block early this afternoon...

For those who personally know me, yes, that is me holding a tool, a sharp tool...and I never cut myself!

Vinita is an incredible instructor and many of the class members produce gallery, if not musuem, quality work.

If all goes well, I'll post a pic of my print, "Cambria".

For more information see the Los Angeles Printmaking Society site.