Sunday, July 4, 2010

"Hot Fudge Sundae"

"Hot Fudge Sundae"
8" x 10", Oil on Canvas Board
© 2010

My wife and I ate the painting's was so goood! Thankfully, I took pictures first from which to finish the piece.

Whipped cream, ice cream, hot fudge have all been replaced on my menu with organic, this was a rare treat, indeed. (I have been known to have the occasional shake...shhhh, don't tell anyone.)

I should note that this painting was originally inspired by a March challenge on the Calypso Moon Artist Movement blog. I didn't make the deadline. I put the finishing touches on the painting yesterday. (The sundae was purchased at a nearby Red Robin Restaurant.)


Barbara Pask said...

Wonderful work Bernard. Looks yummy, this is one you would have to paint from a photo unless you are super fast, lol.

Dabblerteer said...

Thank you Barb. I first took pictures inside the restaurant, but it was too dark. Then we rushed the sundae outside to a patio table. It just happened to be a really hot Spring day, and the whipped cream started to collapse. I had to move real fast to get the few pictures I could use. Who would've guessed that art could be so physically demanding! It was a good thing we had the (somewhat melted) sundae to restore all those burnt up calories!

Leslie Gustafson said...

This is wonderful!!! And what great subject matter:-) I like how you brought in colors from the background into the plate reflections! Good Luck at the Orange Open Exhibition - exciting!