Monday, March 15, 2010

"James Dilley Park, A View"

"James Dilley Park, A View"
8" X 10", Oil on Canvas Board
© 2010

I was determined to realize a long time dream, to complete a painting in a single "en plein air" session. Our class met one pleasant Thursday morning at Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. As the morning became afternoon, I was deserted by my classmates as they went slinking off to the warmth and comfort of a nearby museum. Left alone to fend for myself, staving off hunger, thirst, and little bitey insects, and with an afternoon chilling breeze blowing at my back and the bright sun sliding down to rest in the west, I took palette knife in hand and bravely slashed color onto canvas.

If it had not been for my Boy Scout training, no doubt I would have not survived the 4-hour ordeal. However, I made it through and went onto apply a few minor adjustments suggested by my wayward classmates at the following week's critique.

Yes, I faced my deepest fears and I'm a better man for it!


Bev said...

I really like this painting. I like the colors.

LeslieGustafson said...

You did! Painted in one plein air session! Bravo! Very nice work! Great distance effect!

Jennifer Mathews said...

Changed my mind...THIS is my favorite! Beautiful color and brushwork.

Dabblerteer said...

Thanks everyone!