Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lavender Fields in Red - At Least I Think It's Red

“Lavender Fields Study”
9” x 12”, Acrylic on Canvas Board
© 2009

I'm pretty much lavender, purple, and violet color challenged. So, I changed and saturated the colors of the reference photo in Photoshop Elements to where I was comfortable with what I saw. Using the PSE image, I gave myself permission to paint this radically tweaked landscape.

I'm looking forward to painting a 30" x 40" version of this study. The interpretation of the lavender in the larger version will be a bit more blue.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"What Is He Doing Now?"

“Lago Santa Margarita, Reflections”
4” x 6”, Acrylic on Canvas Board
© 2007
A friend of mine, Larry Carlson, recently self-published a book of insightful and touching prose entitled,"What Is He Doing Now?".

Pages from the book can be read at (Click on the book cover to open the book. Click on each large page to turn the pages. Right click to zoom in.)

I was honored that Larry included a detail of one of my paintings to illustrate his Introduction on Page 4.